#Storyteller :Juan Delcan & Valentina Izaguirre

#Storyteller :Juan Delcan & Valentina Izaguirre

某天早上,當他們離開睡床,如常地拿起手機查看在睡著時錯過了甚麼時,他們收到一個令人非常痛心難過的消息 —— 他們的一位好朋友,剛剛在西班牙離世了。

當他們傷心難過時,他們走到後院,甫抬頭便看到空中有一道彩虹,樹上到處都是五顏六色的小鳥。他們相信,這是一個徵兆(Sign) 。

他們是 Juan Delcan 和 Valentina Izaguirre,一對居住在美國加州洛杉磯的夫妻檔視覺藝術家,在工餘時間,他們喜歡用火柴來說故事⋯⋯

1.你們可以先介紹一下自己嗎?|Can you tell us a bit about yourself first ?

我們是 Juan Delcan 和 Valentina Izaguirre,一對夫妻組成的團隊,以美國加州洛杉磯為基地。
We are a husband and wife team, Juan Delcan & Valentina Izaguirre, based in Los Angeles, California.

2.你們做了多久電子藝術?除了電子藝術,你們還有甚麼項目正在進行?|How long have you been doing digital art? Beside digital art, do you work on other projects?

We have been working on The Matchstick Series for about a year, is our pet project . Our daytime jobs are Visual Artists. We do films, commercials, concerts among other things.

3. 靈感來自何處?|Where do you get your inspiration? 

We are always paying attention to ideas that can come from very different ways. Sometimes our daily lives sometimes the news. Dreams…

4. 為什麼總是火柴? 你喜歡火嗎?|Why always matchsticks ? Are you fond of fire?

We use the matchstick figure because is a very familiar and relatable character, it has no gender, race or age.

5. 你最喜歡自己哪一個作品?|Which work created by you is your favorite? 

所有的影片我們都喜歡,但〈Safety Match〉是我們心中最愛的一條,因為我們相信它能對人有所影響。
We love all the videos but Safety Match is the one that is dear to our hearts, because we believe is making a difference.

6. 受武漢肺炎影響,你居住地區的情況如何? 你最近的日子如何? 你是否留在家中進行社交隔離? |Due to Coronavirus, how is the situation in the area you live? What are your days like in these days? Do you stay at home for quarantine/ social distancing?   

We are in Los Angeles, staying at home. So far as today there are still some people on the street.

7.講一個你印象最深刻的故事|Tell us a story/ experience that is most memorable to you.

今天早上我們起床時,收到一個令人非常難過的消息,一位好朋友在西班牙去世了。當我們傷心難過時,我們去了後院,然後就看到一道彩虹,樹上到處都是五顏六色的小鳥,我們傾向相信這是一個徵兆 。
This morning we woke up with very sad news about the passing of a dear friend in Spain, and as we were grieving we went to our backyard and saw the rainbow and the tree was full of colorful birds and we want to think it was a sign.

8. 如果有一張機票/船票,你想去甚麼地方?|If you have an airline/ ferry ticket, where would you like to go? Why?

Right now, “there is no place like home”.

9. 如果下世要變成動物,想變成甚麼?|What kind of animal you would like to become in your next life? Why?

Valentina:我想當我的貓 Kiki 或我的狗 Yoyi 和 Clover,牠們完全被寵壞了。
Valentina: I want to be my cat Kiki or my dogs Yoyi and Clover, they are overly spoiled.
Juan: A horse, I’m fascinated by horses, our house is full of paintings and sculptures of them.

10.你最不欣賞/最欣賞哪一位插畫家?你最喜歡他的甚麼作品?|Which artist do you admire/despise the most? Which work created by him/ her is your favorite? 

我們熱愛 Louise Bourgeois ,她的作品深深地啟發了我們。
We love Louise Bourgeois, her work deeply inspire us.

Storyteller:Juan Delcan & Valentina Izaguirre